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Iranian saffron for centuries has been globally known as the richest spice for its fascinating flavor and fragrance. We carefully handpick the freshest saffron threads to present you a product with unique flavor, aroma, and vivid color.

RAOUF Saffron

Barberry is one of the most popular rice dressings in Iran. It is also very popular non-alcoholic beverage.  Traditionally, barberry juice has been prescribed to decrease high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

RAOUF Barberry
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Saffron trade has been a thriving business since the old Persian Empire era. This product is a favorite spice and is well-known for its unique flavor, color, and fragrance. We in RAOUF Saffron are proudly continuing this golden trade. We are looking forward to the global markets. We are firmly committed to ourselves and to our valued customers to deliver the highest quality Persian saffron in a short time all over the world. Raouf-saffron is also distributing other high-quality products such as Pistachio, almond, nuts, and so on. Our natural Aroma products are well-used in natural healing prescriptions.


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Khorasan Province, Mashhad, Iran
Telegram: @raoufsaffron

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